The consumption of composite materials in the yach

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In the next five years, bioamber, a composite material company, has developed the use of biological hupernic acid in polyurethane. It is expected that the consumption in the yacht industry will reach US $842million in five years.

according to an evaluation report on the opportunities of composite materials in the Global Yacht Industry by lucintel, the consumption of composite materials in the Global Yacht Market in 2009 was 256.3 million pounds/1657 kilograms, worth US $524.3 million. It communicates through the serial port (COM number) on the back of the computer. The United States remains the world's largest market

in 2009, due to the global economic recession, the world yacht market also 2) experienced a period of low development. Europe was the hardest hit in the economic crisis. However, it is estimated that the consumption value of composite materials in the yacht market will reach US $842million by 2015, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.8%. The annual growth rate in Europe and the Asia Pacific region will be the fastest in the next five years. In the future, the yacht industry will tend to manufacture larger and more advanced products

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