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The consultation service platform of the world robotics Congress was released. On March 9, the consultation service platform of the world robotics Congress (WRC) created by the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the world robotics Congress was officially launched. () adhering to the concept of cross-border collaboration, open integration, co construction and sharing, the platform will widely carry out academic research, provide decision-making consultation, study and judge industry trends, analyze development paths, and explore the establishment of a comprehensive, professional and international consulting service cluster

the world robotics Congress (WRC) advisory service platform has an international advisory committee composed of famous experts in the robotics field at home and abroad. It aims to promote the implementation, application and promotion of cutting-edge technologies in robotics and intelligent technology, and strengthen international knowledge sharing, exchange and cooperation around international cooperation, standard setting, talent training, academic research, practical application and other key work

it is understood that the world robotics Congress (WRC) consulting service platform consists of three parts: industry trends, platform views, and the fast track for suggestions and suggestions

industry trends: it will release policy interpretation, industry data and other information about the development of robotics and intelligent technology, focus on well-known think tank platforms at home and abroad, and collect important views, research trends, research results and other cutting-edge information about industry development. The compact and zigzag experimental space is located between the mobile beam and the workbench

platform view: Based on the international and global perspective, it will share new ideas, technologies and achievements in the field of robotics and intelligent technology in a timely manner, and will share new products, practices and experiences in the development of the industry

suggestions and suggestions fast track: it aims to build an efficient communication information bridge for the majority of scientific and technological workers and robot enthusiasts to achieve the purpose of being compatible with international advanced technical requirements and convenient operation, so as to better understand the actual needs and listen to the voice of the industry. Click the fast lane guide icon at the bottom of the platform plastic 5 gold industry is a traditional industry in China to directly enter the information collection interface. Enter the relevant text in the suggestions column, fill in the title, contact and e-mail, and click OK to submit

the theory and practice of the three core modules are in parallel, supported by the wisdom of more than 100 top expert resource banks, and the world robotics Congress (WRC) consulting service platform has multiple functions, providing services to all ends of the industry

robot, as one of the most important fields of current scientific and technological change, is profoundly affecting the production and life style of human society. Relevant industry insiders believe that the establishment of the world robotics Congress (WRC) consulting service platform will better pool advantageous resources and pool wisdom and strength for building an open and inclusive global robot ecosystem with mutual learning and mutual learning

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