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Today, Xiaobian is here to talk about the approximate budget for the decoration of 70 square meters. This house type is more suitable for young couples. If we need to decorate, how much do we need? Today, Xiaobian will take you to see the approximate quotation budget of the decoration company!? By the way, I would like to analyze the budget details of 70 square meters decoration, hoping to give you some experience

budget cost of main materials

the wall area is about 170 square meters, the putty coating is about 4250 yuan at 25 yuan/square meter

one kitchen and one bathroom, and the wall and floor tiles are about 1500 yuan at 60 square meters and 25/square meters of labor

balcony wall and floor tile labor; According to 20 square meters, 25/square meters of labor, about 500 yuan

kitchen bathroom waterproof 40 square meters *50=2000 yuan

waterway reconstruction: calculated by 20 meters, the continuous labor belt material 40/meter is about 800 yuan

circuit reconstruction: calculated by 800 meters, the continuous labor belt material 40/meter is about 3200 yuan

ground leveling 65 square meters *20=1300 yuan

garbage removal and transportation 300 yuan, material secondary handling fee 500 yuan, sanitary ware installation 300 yuan, lamp installation 300 yuan, management fee 1500 yuan

budget cost of main materials

a total of 4 sets of solid wood composite doors Calculate *500 yuan to 2000 yuan; The total amount of blind window covers is about 500, about 2500 yuan

the composite floor is about 65 square meters *60=3900 yuan

the wall and floor tiles of the kitchen and bathroom plus the balcony are about 70 square meters *40=2800 yuan

the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom is 10 square meters *50 yuan to 500 yuan

bathroom; Shower room 1000 yuan; Toilet 1000 yuan; Mirror 50 yuan; Wash basin is 200 yuan, bath towel rack, towel rack, toilet paper box, tray, shower, floor drain, rising rod, etc. 500, a total of 2750 yuan

the overall cabinet is calculated by 4 meters, 800 yuan per meter, about 3200 yuan

Yuba 400 yuan

two hot and cold faucets 500 yuan, a sink 500 yuan, two ordinary faucets (washing machine and mop pool) 200 yuan, and a ceramic mop pool 100 yuan, a total of 1300 yuan

four sets of door lock, door stopper and hinge, 200=800 yuan, and 350 yuan for good wife's clothes hanger; (including installation fee) a total of 1150 yuan

marble windowsills, doorways about 500 yuan

switch panels: 500 yuan

lamps about 500 yuan

curtain covers about 500 yuan

finally, provide decoration bidding services for the majority of owners. You only need to enter the decoration bidding page and fill in your name, telephone, community and other decoration information to participate in the bidding, According to your requirements, the platform can select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure the room for free, and formulate a quotation scheme. You can enter the details。





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