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Feng Shui that should be paid attention to in house decoration. III. layout. The shape of the bedroom should not be long and narrow, and it should not be ventilated, and the room is easy to be damp; the bed should not be directly opposite the beam column, which is easy to make people feel oppressed, and sleep is not easy to be stable; the bedside table should be round, so as to avoid the corner of the cabinet hitting the head horizontally; the bed should not be close to the ground, otherwise it is not ventilated, and it is easy to hide moisture, resulting in backache.</p>
<p>IV. it is not suitable for the street to be straight. Feng Shui is

v. decoration. There are too many triangular decorations in the bedroom, and the master is ominous; Hanging a book at the head of the bed, it is better to take landscape flowers and plants, and avoid taking tigers, insects and animals as the background; Avoid hanging orchids, ribbon flowers and chandeliers on the bed, otherwise it will affect the health of residents

VI. bedroom door. The bedroom door cannot be directly facing the kitchen door to prevent its hot and humid air from convection with the bedroom door; The door should not be directly facing the bathroom, because the water vapor after bathing and the ammonia in the toilet are very easy to spread to the bedroom, and the bedroom is mostly wet cloth, which will make the environment more humid; The bedroom door should not be directly opposite the door of the storage room, which is full of mildew and easy to hide dirt; The bedroom door should not be opposite, which is called the door knife Sha

what should we pay attention to in house decoration? first, the living room is the main public house in the family. Third, the light source: the living room must have good lighting, and the lighting should also be lighting. This is the popular meaning of "light Hall dark room". And the choice of lamps and lanterns, then take the circle as the best, in order to take its meaning of perfection

IV. beams and columns: the living room should avoid the obstruction of beams. Such defects can be entrusted to the designer to use beautification skills to slightly transform the structure of the building. For example, the planning of arch, the extension of ceiling, or the modeling of ceiling can be used, and the ceiling is set into two blocks

v. color system: the color system of various software and hardware in the space can be based on the owner's birthday. Those born in spring and summer can be matched with elegant cold colors (such as white and light blue), while those born in autumn and winter can teach bright colors (such as yellow and red)

VI. moving line: the main moving line of the living room is straight and open. Looking in from the gate, the most taboo is to directly see the kitchen stove, but this lack can be covered by a screen or a high cabinet. In addition, you should also avoid seeing all the room doors and back doors at the entrance, otherwise you will have the worry of "front door in, back door out, can't accumulate money". Moreover, the walkway should avoid penetrating the whole room vertically or horizontally

VII. Furnishings: fish tanks and bonsai furnishings have the function of "catching Qi", making the interior more angry and hopeful. Fish species are mainly considered to be colorful and singular. In addition, the wall clock is also a good arrangement

Feng Shui at the door of the house

external taboo of Feng Shui at the door of rural residence

Feng Shui at the door of rural residence





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