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Kuba electric appliance news: the new standard of cabinet industry was officially implemented. This shows that the concept of integrated kitchen and kitchen cabinet is becoming more and more popular. On the one hand, local brands such as fontai, Haier, SHUAIKANG, vantage, and Wanjiale have made efforts to enter the cabinet industry; On the other hand, consumers are more and more inclined to the overall kitchen and overall decoration. Does the joint sales of kitchen appliance manufacturers and cabinet manufacturers indicate that the trend of cabinet electricity integration is becoming more and more obvious? Kuba electric believes that first of all, in terms of market ownership, according to the survey of authoritative departments: the ownership rate of the overall kitchen in urban households is only 6.8%, and the expected purchase rate of the overall kitchen in the next five years is 29%. If China's urban households are 100million, the total expected purchase of the overall kitchen in China's cities in the next five years will reach 29million sets, and the development potential of the overall kitchen market is very huge. The integration of kitchen appliances will become the development trend of the whole kitchen in the future

secondly, Kuba appliance believes that kitchen appliance manufacturers also need the integration of cabinet and electricity. Any kitchen appliance product has a style, or simple, or fashionable, or noble, or complex... Different and different styles. If these kitchen appliances and cabinets are forcibly integrated, the embedded state of the cabinets will be very rough, which is quite ridiculous, and kitchen appliance manufacturers not only solve the problem of sales channels through cabinets, It also solves the integration problem of kitchen electrical products and cabinets. Third, it is also the demand of consumers. With the change of consumer consumption concept, consumers are more and more interested in the overall kitchen, and the information obtained from the market also shows that consumers urgently need the one-stop service of cupboard electricity. According to the statistics of Aiken home appliances online for half a year, the shipments of kitchen appliance manufacturers through the cabinet channel increased significantly in the first half of the year. It is expected that with the arrival of the decoration boom in the second half of the year, this trend will become more and more obvious

fashionable and personalized products are emerging

kitchen is the standard that reflects the owner's pursuit of a high-quality life. Starting from small household appliances, consumers' demand for personalized kitchen appliances is increasing, while different types of products such as economic, practical and luxury products in the market meet the needs of different consumers, and the sales of environmental friendly, energy-saving, beautiful, personalized and high-end kitchen appliances and small household appliances are extremely active, It has become the mainstream of high-end consumption. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of kitchen appliances when decorating their homes. As a necessity of modern life, kitchen electrical products are closest to daily life and most related to health, fashion and personalization

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