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The reporter learned from the building materials market that China's top ten brands of cabinets and wardrobes, "Atlas" cabinets and wardrobes, the preferred brand for consumer satisfaction, "Nobel" tiles, China's famous brand of green building materials, "Brewster" wallpaper, and China's top ten brand of sanitary ware, "farnsa" sanitary ware,

four well-known brand alliances one-stop shopping - province to the end

-- atlas cabinet and wardrobe Xianyang flagship store large group purchase "Hui"

the reporter learned from the building materials market that China's top ten brands of cabinet and wardrobe "Atlas" cabinet and wardrobe, the most satisfied first choice brand of consumers "Nobel" tile, China's famous brand of green building materials "Brewster" wallpaper and China's top ten brand of bathroom "farnsa" bathroom, The one-stop shopping of the four well-known building materials brand alliance - the province to the end large-scale group purchase "benefit" - Xi'an Xianyang station will kick off in Xianyang Jiatai building materials market in late November 2011

it is understood that atlas cabinets and wardrobes advocate low-carbon, environmental protection, healthy home life, and lead people's green concept. As the advocate of health cabinet and wardrobe, Atlas not only adopts the fifth generation blue diamond environmental protection cabinet board independently developed on the substrate, which is green and low-carbon, and fully conforms to the European E1 level environmental protection standard; Humanized care is also reflected in the design details. The three-dimensional U-shaped down pipe design is adopted. After the sewage flows out through the U-shaped pipe, part of the clean water is stored in the U-shaped part of the pipe to prevent the backflow of sewage and odor gas, thus ensuring the health and environmental protection of the kitchen

the reporter found that the "benefit" of group purchase in Xianyang will be the largest profit concession since this year. The four brands jointly save more than 20000 yuan. The atmosphere is warm and the order is hot. Customers reported that the brands of the alliance are all famous brands in the industry. The brands are trustworthy and the activity price is saved to the end. Plus the one-stop shopping experience is "convenient, comprehensive and fast"

it is worth mentioning that from 8 o'clock to 18 o'clock in the evening, the whole activity accepted more than 1500 groups of customers, set off a new shopping boom in Xianyang, and created a sales miracle in Jiatai building materials market





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