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House decoration color Feng Shui pay attention to

house decoration color matching indoor Feng Shui pay attention to

first, orientation

: the living room is best located in the front half of the house near the door, so as to directly absorb the air entering from the door. If you have to go through a corridor to get to the living room, the corridor must be kept clean, and the lighting must be sufficient to prevent air from entering the living room. If it is a mezzanine house design, the living room should be located on the lower floor

II. Pattern

: the pattern of the living room should preferably be square or rectangular, the seat area should not rush to the corner of the room, and the sofa should not press the beam. If a hidden arrow is emitted from a prominent corner of the room, it can be dissolved by furnishing bonsai or furniture. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas with furniture and regarded as two independent rooms. For example, you can use one area as a reception room and another area as a living room. Or hang a mirror on the wall to symbolically fill the missing corner, and then decide the central point as a complete room

III. adjust household decorations

: sharp objects, such as swords, firearms, medals, and animal specimens, should not be hung on the wall. Because these objects will produce Yin Qi, leading to quarrel or violence. Similarly, you should also avoid furnishing lamps or decorations with Lingjiao

IV. smooth air flow

: you must make the air flow smoothly in the living room, and there must be no dead corners that will accumulate filthy air

v. Feng Shui decoration

: the decoration of the living room mainly depends on the lifestyle and aesthetics of the residents. The decoration of any geomantic mascot should be based on the eight desires of life and the orientation of personal destiny. It is best to consult a professional geomantic master

six or eight directions

: first draw a plan of the living room, mark the positions of doors and windows in detail, divide the living room into nine equal parts, and mark the corresponding directions of the eight desires of life. Draw the center point of the living room, and then use the compass to determine the orientation of the living room, especially the position of the gate. After that, we can catalyze the eight desires of life according to the principle of five elements

VII. Due north, business luck, black and blue

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1: 1234 next page: check the layout of the due north direction of the living room. Due north represents business luck, which belongs to water travel, and its preferred color is blue or black. Placing objects belonging to water in this position is helpful to the career of residents, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, water tankers, etc. Or you can put black metal jewelry, because gold can make water

VIII. Due south, fame and fortune, red

: a good layout of Feng Shui in due south will bring fame and affirmation to families, especially parents responsible for livelihood. Due to the fire in the south, the favorite color is red. Suitable for hanging pictures of Phoenix, flamingo or sunrise. Red carpets or red wooden decorations (because wood can make a fire) are also suitable. Installing lights in this direction can increase reputation and fortune. If you must put a mirror in this position, be sure to put a small mirror, because the mirror belongs to water, and the water will extinguish the fire, which is bad for fame and fortune

IX. due east, good health, green

: due east is related to the health of residents. Placing lush plants in this area can promote the health and longevity of families. Water objects or landscape paintings are also helpful, because water can support trees

X. northwest, VIP transportation, white

: strengthen the energy in the northwest of the living room, which helps to increase VIP transportation and interpersonal relationships. This area is gold, so it is suitable for placing white, gold or silver metal ornaments, such as metal carvings or table lamps with white circular lampshades on metal bases. Stringing six ancient coins with red ropes or hanging six hollow metal wind chimes can also attract noble people

11. Northeast, Wenchang Yun, yellow

: if a child is about to take the exam, it is best to pay attention to the Feng Shui layout in this direction. This area is earthy, and its favorite colors are yellow and earthy. Native objects such as ceramic vases are suitable for enhancing the energy of this area

house decoration color Feng Shui Encyclopedia

many people have a natural interest in color, so they want to match the colors themselves when decorating. However, due to the lack of professional knowledge, the colors finally matched make the family members' personalities change imperceptibly, becoming irritable or withdrawn

all dark blue in the home will imperceptibly make the family members quiet. Over time, it will form a feeling of lethargy in the home, making the personality gloomy, negative and dreary

if the family is all red, it will make family members hot tempered and prone to quarrel, especially in the newly married bedroom. The newly married couple often decorate the bedroom red, but over time, it is easy for the two people to quarrel about inexplicable things. They are easily excited and cannot communicate calmly. A long time will also cause visual fatigue and affect sleep

there are 4 pages in total. The first page is 1234. The best color at home is light colors such as milky white and ivory, which are easy to match with other furniture, not easy to cause visual fatigue, and can ease people's mood

all yellow or orange at home can really attract people's attention in a short time, but it is easy to cause mental tension and hallucinations in a long time

Feng Shui pays attention to reasonable collocation, balance and coordination. Everything can't be too strong or too weak. It's good to be moderate. Therefore, when decorating a house, you should choose the decoration color carefully. It's best to invite relevant experienced people to make a reasonable collocation

color and geomantic omen of house decoration

the color used in interior decoration also affects the geomantic omen of residence. Chinese people take red as the most auspicious color, indicating warmth, happiness, auspiciousness and strength. Yellow is a symbol of brightness, nobility, authority and longevity. The main colors of clothing and palace decoration in the Forbidden City use golden yellow and vermilion to express nobility and authority. Orange represents holiness. Monks traditionally wear orange cassocks, representing the supremacy of Buddhism. Green represents life, spring, tranquility and freshness. It is a commonly used tone in interior decoration. Matching green carpets and bonsai indoors will make people calm. White and black indicate sadness and dullness. Consider color matching according to Chinese living habits, folk customs, beliefs and taboos, and try not to use black, pure blue, dark gray, medium gray, pure white and other colors

Feng Shui emphasizes Yin Yang and five elements. Therefore, the use of indoor color should be consistent with the function of the room without conflict. The five elements of wood, gold, fire, water and earth correspond to green, white, red, black and yellow respectively. If they are consistent, they will grow together; Two examples are given below: for example, in restaurants, the main food sold is earth, the main color should be yellow, and the food should be cooked with fire and water. Operate with gold (cooking utensils). Therefore, it can also be matched with red, cream yellow and other colors. The color of the fashion shop owner can be light green, milky white, and supplemented with elegant red and elegant blue

in short, the indoor color must be selected according to the functional requirements and be suitable for the Feng Shui requirements of the use environment

pay attention to the following points: (fortune telling)

1. Indoor color should have an overall effect

2. The coordination of indoor color, indoor structure and style should be considered

3. The relationship between color and lighting should be considered, because the size of light source and lighting mode will bring changes to color

4. Respect and pay attention to the user's personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes. And consider the psychological adaptability of users

5. When choosing decorative materials, pay attention to understand the color characteristics of decorative materials

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Feng Shui at the door of the house

Feng Shui at the door of rural residence external taboo

Feng Shui at the door of rural residence 1. Don't face the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple of the temple, Therefore, the gate facing the ancestral hall must be avoided; If the ancestral temple is behind the house, it is not suitable. Easy to get out of psychics, drunkards, people who are confused and idle

Feng Shui at the gate of rural housing 2. The gate should not have a way out

the gate cannot face the dead lane, which means that there is no way out and is blocked; When I go out, I see the wall. For a long time, people's hearts are getting narrower and narrower, and their interpersonal relationships are getting worse and worse. If the gate faces the dead alley without access, the air flow in the house must be blocked, and the air cannot maintain freshness. Therefore, a lot of turbid gas will accumulate, which is extremely detrimental to the health of residents and the development of career. It is not serious if there is a path leading to both sides. The principle of Qi is the same as that of water. Only living water can be kept clean, while stagnant water must deposit dirt. If a fool comes out, it will be detrimental to the first grade examination, examination and promotion

Feng Shui at the gate of rural residence 3. The most taboo is the shooting of evil objects

the positive direction of the door should not have other people's ridges, cornices, animal heads, roads and other unlucky objects shooting. If it's the rush of the road, if it's in line with Yuan Yun's Qi, it's auspicious, and it's known as "the priceless treasure of rushing up the music palace". The rushing and shooting of the road, which is not in line with Yuan Yun, is fierce. It can be covered by trees or the gate can be shifted. The trees covered should not be too high, otherwise the breath mouth is covered, the Yin Qi is too abundant, and the main disease

Feng Shui at the gate of rural residence 4. Cherish health and stay away from the electric pole

the door cannot be directly opposite the electric pole. Facing the electric pole is the same as facing the big tree. It blocks the smoothness of the entrance and exit, and the magnetic field of the electric pole is stronger than that of the human body. Over time, it will have an impact on health, especially if there is a big tree or electric pole, it is easy to affect the brain nerve, or arrogant people

in rural areas, it is best not to build houses in the village higher than the surrounding buildings, otherwise money will be lost. In reality, such houses also have many dangers, such as fire, wind, air strikes, etc., which bear the brunt, and there is no condition to block the sun. The prosperity of Yang and decline of Yin, and the imbalance of yin and Yang will affect the health of their families. This kind of house is a solitary house

residential fence gate Feng Shui

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