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China railway construction heavy industry: from "made in China" to "created in China"

China railway construction heavy industry: from "made in China" to "created in China"

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according to Liu Feixiang, chairman and general manager, the days when shield machines relied on foreign imports a few years ago can be described as "controlled by others"

"the price of imported shield machine is hundreds of millions of yuan (RMB, the same below), and the asking price for replacing blades and parts is ridiculously high." Liu Feixiang said. Shield machine, full name of shield tunneling machine, is a special engineering machine for modern tunnel excavation. It is a necessary "pangolin" for tunnel excavation. In the past, most enterprises could only produce type I polyurethane waterproof coating with low tensile performance

a few years ago, the core technology of shield machine was firmly controlled by a few countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States and Canada. If you want to dig tunnels through mountains and rivers and speed up China's infrastructure construction, you can only import

in May 2007, CRCC invested 700 million yuan to build a heavy equipment project for tunnel construction in Changsha, and CRCC heavy industry group came into being. Since its inception, Liu Feixiang has personally led the team, from Herrick and wilt in Germany to lavat in Canada, Robbins in the United States, and "literacy" of the world's top shield machine manufacturers

one year later, the "pioneer 19" shield machine independently developed by China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. successfully went offline, and the localization rate reached 87%, setting the highest record of independent intellectual property rights of shield machines in China. The price of more than 40 million yuan is only one third of that of foreign products

Liu Feixiang's team has built the world's most advanced shield production line from the former "primary school student", creating the first speed of shield plant construction in China. China's basic manufacturing industry has bid farewell to the era of "exchanging 800 million shirts for an Airbus 380"

just starting from scratch is not enough. Liu Feixiang said that if you want to win in the competition in the same field, you must achieve "corner overtaking" in manufacturing and service

on July 18, 2014, the main body of houjiatang station, the control project of Changsha Metro Line 1, was completed. All the lines adopt domestic high-end equipment, which is far superior to overseas in terms of technology and cost performance. These equipment marked "created in China" have become "top goods" in the market and are widely used in subway projects in Changsha, Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Fuzhou and other cities

"only with advanced ideas can we 'overtake on the curve'. From the beginning of construction, our enterprise has established the concept of innovation driven and building a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, and implemented the whole life cycle service to every link." The whole life cycle service referred to by Liu Feixiang is another magic weapon

Shenhua Group is the world's largest coal supplier. The serious mismatch between coal mining and tunneling speed has always been a difficult problem for Shenhua. Relying on the national science and technology support plan "research and demonstration of key technologies of shield construction coal mine long-distance inclined shaft" and the National 863 Plan "research and application of key technologies of large-diameter full face Hard Rock TBM", and in combination with the special conditions that the government should lead to promote the resource integration of graphite, CRCC heavy industry has carried out scientific research and customized the world's first coal mine "inclined shaft TBM" for it, It marks a major breakthrough in China's collaborative innovation in the field of large-scale high-end equipment manufacturing

"it can escape more than 30 meters a day and dig 680 meters underground. It is equivalent to drilling a 230 storey high passage underground at one breath. Its successful development can increase the production efficiency by three times and fill the application gap of full face TBM in the field of coal mine inclined shaft construction." Xia Guobin, vice president of China railway construction, said

for various difficulties encountered by users in construction, targeted solutions are put forward and run through the production and operation process, which is the interpretation of "full life cycle service" by railway construction workers

benchmarking the world's high-end equipment enterprises and improving the service manufacturing level, CRCC heavy industry has been selected as the top 50 innovative enterprises of China's rail transit and the top 30 enterprises of China's construction machinery manufacturers for two consecutive years. The economic benefits increase at a rate of 30% every year, and the service business accounts for one quarter of the total revenue and profit

"In recent years, the annual production of plastic flexible packaging materials in China is estimated to have reached about 10 million tons, and a total of more than 300 new equipment products have been developed, of which 11 have filled the gap in the world or in China. We have a team of more than 600 scientific researchers, and set up a four in one collaborative innovation platform of national enterprise technology center, engineering technology research center, post doctoral collaborative R & D center and engineering laboratory. The technology platform has sufficient resources The ability to digest, absorb, transplant and provide high-level services. " Liu Feixiang said

"as one of the core enterprises in the manufacturing sector of China railway construction industry, China railway construction heavy industry group will continue to move forward along the road of independent innovation, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and unswervingly strengthen, expand and optimize the strategic new equipment manufacturing industry." Meng Fengchao, chairman and party secretary of China Railway Construction Corporation, is full of confidence

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